Target Practice

New Years Day, I was fortunate enough to have good friends who were willing to provide distraction in my life.  However, I didn’t just see it as distraction; but rather the very thing I’ve worked every day since loosing my mom to do: Live life to the fullest.  On my bucket-list, of things that I have never done before, was to go shooting!

Ella Garnett made that happen Friday.

The weapon was a Glock; looked a lot like this:

Katherine and I, the token Canadians on this excursion, were a little overwhelmed when we were asked to “babysit the ammo”…

I later learned that my ears are misshaped, and it took all three of us to put ear plugs in my ears…they kept popping out!!

A quick safety lesson, and a how-to on loading the Jack Bauer pistol; and I was on my way to taking my first shot.  In my life.  EVER.


Nope, that isn’t a joke.  My first shot landed just above the “x”…

I agree; beginners luck.  Especially because the next shot fell right below the paper.  The remaining rounds, however, I landed somewhere in the 9 and 10 region; fairly consistently!  I think that I would like to submit this paper to CTU; Jack Bauer can’t continue to save the world single-handedly forever

Apparently, I’m a “natural,” but I think it’s because I had no fear of failing.  What is the worst that could happen?  I miss the target?  How hard is it to line up the three white dots with the bullseye?  Apparently not that hard…

I hadn’t expected the force of the blast the first time, (what threw my hand off the pistol in my second shot, causing me to miss the target all together), and landed me the first bullseye.  It got me thinking…what if we didn’t know what to fear?  Would we be more likely to succeed than fail?  In this case, the answer was yes 😉

Thanks for the lesson Hoskins!  Now I know if I am ever in danger and within reach of a Glock, my assailant is doomed…

(You can see all the pictures from my inaugural target practice here: Tumblr Blog)


4 thoughts on “Target Practice

  1. Can you imagine Alma shooting? Once we heard a noise downstairs. I took off out of bed to see what it was. Then behind me I heard, “I got this baby, stay where you are.” I turned around ans Alma waltzed right by me with her pistol. I was in awe! I had no idea she had it. I’ve slept like a baby ever since!

    • Lol!! I could never imagine her being able to shoot, let alone owning a pistol!! I CAN imagine her destroying someone though 🙂 Must be something about musicians and guns…we’re all a good shot!

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