A Canadian, An American and LaHaye Ice Center…

Yesterday I asked for suggestions as to what Marty and I should do next; and after much deliberation, we took the advice of our collegiate First Lady 😉

We went ice skating.

I was a super young squirt when my parents laced my first pair of figure skates and I started lessons.  I am pretty sure I was 7 (dad, correct me if I’m wrong) when I had completed all the levels before you start training to compete.  I think it was a combination of finances, commitment, and my mom’s desire to see her daughters become well-rounded that my parents took me out of skating; I could have been the Canadian Katarina Witt!!!!

Cross-overs, single lutz, spins; I had all these down…about 20 years ago!!  I realized the skates in my closet were probably from 1990 and as I stepped out onto the rink, it became evident that the past year in roller derby had detracted from my abilities on ice…yes, I was on the local Roller Derby Team 😉

Can you find me? Where's the Canadian?

So, I was not nearly as graceful as I remembered myself being, but Marty and I had a blast anyway.  We also concluded that this is going to become a weekly event; we’ll find something crazy to do in Lynchburg, film it, and upload it for your entertainment…but mostly ours :p

When’s the last time you did something out of the ordinary?

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