Did anyone see that 30Rock episode where they asked Tina Fey to step into the “High Def Camera?”  It looked a little worse than this:

I was at dinner with some friends last night, there are decades between us, and the topic of aging and Botox came up; whose had it, who needs it, and if we would ever go there…

There really is no stopping it, and sometimes it catches you off guard.  It was recently I noticed the expression lines on my forehead; maybe it was after I was talking to an actress friend of mine in her late 30’s and she was telling me that she nearly didn’t get the lead in her recent film because of the lines on her neck…I have those too.

So the fountain of youth these days have come in the form of pills, lotions, liquids, rat-poison…but can we truly slow aging?  I decided last night it was something I was going to embrace; not to say I wouldn’t take care of my skin (I am a Dermalogica advocate now, so I haven’t entirely abandoned the “youthful” pursuit 😉 ).

So, instead of a physical face-life, I decided to give my blog one.

How does it look? (I can’t even remember what the older version looked like now, I changed it so many times today :p).


4 thoughts on “Face-Lift…

    • Haha…thanks Dave!! It’s growing on me 🙂 I wasn’t sure at first, but I think I like the layout better! It is good…and a fantastic replacement for a REAL face-lift 😉

    • Hi Melanie. I am not a lesbian and I think Tina Fey is beautiful! I wasn’t meaning to slight her, in fact, the show clearly exaggerated any sort of “issues” she may or may not have in real life. Just used her as catalyst to the virtual facial I gave my blog. Sorry if I offended!

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