Dream Chaser

Days are sectioned off into time blocks these days…each block a chunk of time devoted to something that needs to be done by the end of the day.  These blocks of time cascade into weeks, weeks into months and next thing I know summer is around the corner.

One thing I have worked really hard to do in my life is not find myself at the end of  season wondering what happened to all the time that passed and disappointed that I had little to show for it.  This internal drive might be dervied from losing my mom at 17; even at that age, I realized that 47 was a short life and either consciously or unconsciously resolved to live every minute to its fullest.

This often means that I overload my proverbial plate; my eyes are quite often bigger than my stomach!  This is true when it comes to eating pizza as well; when I was seven I ate 12 slices at a family reunion…never really lived that one down, but that’s another story.

So I spent the bulk of last fall, reorganizing my life to work towards my dreams; something I spent a lot of my life trying to avoid.  Sounds strange, right?  Avoiding chasing MY dreams?  Thing is, I, like most people, have an overwhelming fear of failure…something that can be debilitating.  It was much easier for me to chase someone elses dream; because if it failed, it was little loss to me…I decided this past fall to bite the bullet, and like Eliot said, “Only those who will risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go.”  I’ve decided to find out 🙂

Have you found out just how far you can go?


2 thoughts on “Dream Chaser

  1. First, I like the new look of your blog–so fun!

    Second, I appreciate your fear of failure. I think most people do. But I applaud you for following your dreams. I once wrote a bunch of things I wanted to accomplish in life on a map of Canada (I was travelling at the time). It’s funny that you wrote about this because just this past weekend I was thinking of digging it up, having a read, and seeing where I’m at so far.

    I’m sure I have things to add to it too. Perhaps I’ll do a 2010 update. It’s been almost a decade since I first wrote that list.

    One thing you blog was short on: examples. Can you give us one example of a dream you’re now pursuing?

    • Entropygirl,
      I think you need to blog about that little list you have on a map of Canada…I’d love to see a pic of that too!! :p
      As for an example…the biggest one is music. I actually have two gigs lined up this month, and quite possible a permanent Wednesday night spot here in town! 🙂 Playing the music I have composed myself has always been one of my greatest fears. If someone doesn’t like someone else’s music, that’s fine, I didn’t write it; but if they don’t like mine…it’s like criticizing my soul…:)

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