Blast from the Past…

Sometimes, life comes full circle.

A decade ago, I was an undergrad student at Liberty University.  Then, like now, I had my hand in a million different pies and although I auditioned and never made it on an LU singing team, I auditioned and sang anywhere else they’d let me:  Campus church, Coffee House, the shower…

As you might have learned yesterday, I was also an avid exerciser in those days too.  The school gym was the size of a closet (I am NOT exaggerating), so I shelled out money I probably didn’t have to be a member of Gold’s gym.  It was either there or at LU that I met Dan Taulbee.

In the same way that I was able to effortless breathe every day, he was able to play the piano.  Seriously, check it out: Piano Composer – you can buy his stuff on iTunes!  Somehow, he heard me sing, and when we met we talked about collaborating; that was in 2000.

Last night we finally did; 2010.

This coming January 29th, Dan and I will finally be performing together; a pelthora of covers and quite possibly with the addition of a guitarist!  It only took ten years.

Sometimes life catches me off guard, and things that I thought were out of reach…seem at least close enough to touch…

When’s the last time life took YOU by surprise!?


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