On the road again…

After the 24 hour round-trip to Canada; I usually out right refuse to get in a car and drive anywhere for at least a month!  Today I am making an exception.

I loved college. I was fortunate to meet some wonderful human beings, many of whom I keep contact with today; but one of my favorites is my former college roommate: Annie (Koole) Earls.

Since our days of rollerblading after curfew to our brother dorm, taking pictures in the downtown nativity scenes and interpretive dancing in our dorm room, she has grown up, got married and had a kid.  I have collected degrees.  Neither of us have really changed at all.

The love of her life ended up becoming a Navy Boy, which I think is wonderful because it put her on the East coast, a mere 3 1/2 hours from where we first met (and where I haven’t budged since 1997 :p).   It also put her minutes from a music venue we frequented in our college years:

The Norva.  This and The 930 Club were two of the most frequented music destinations in college; trips Annie and I made a number of times in undergrad, and over the last decade. I can’t believe we’ve been friends that long…meeting her on Dorm 21-2 seems like yesterday.

Annie, Me, Kristin and Kirsten - Love you girls!!

I’m headed there today; to see another show.  Timbaland.

This is not a joke.  He is going to have a few “surprise guests.”  I am SO hoping for JT and One Republic…but we’ll see :p  Regardless, Annie and I are going to dress for the occasion: Boots with the fur!!  Jk 😉 I can’t wait.

I am sure I’ll have stories about this escapade; but due to the upcoming event, I likely won’t be on here until the weekend.  In the interim, when’s the last time you did something out of left field? 😉


6 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. uh….Boots with the Fur is Flo Rida ft. T-Pain not Timbaland.
    Are you sure you should go to this concert?
    Just don’t scream “SING THE BOOTS WITH THE FUR SONG!!!”

  2. YAY!!! That will be so much fun! I hope JT is there!! But I read yesterday he is currently filming a movie so maybe if he is filming near VA it is possible! Have so much fun! I am with you in spirit!! Love you!

    • Kristin!!

      Annie and I made an all-star cast list for tomorrow night and you and Kors were on it!! Wish you were coming; I LOVE that you know where JT might be filming a movie!! 🙂

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