Timbaland and The Three Tenors.

In one weekend.

I have been MIA because I’ve been in transit.  This past weekend, if you read my previous post, I was reliving a college past-time with a pilgrimage out to The Norva.  In tradition, I was attending this show with my college roommate, Annie, who now has a 14 month old baby girl!


She is forutnate to be married to a wonderful man who thoroughly enjoyed making fun of our concert selection this past weekend; but agreed to stay home with his baby girl while we went out to dance!

So while Friday night I stood front stage and nearly had Timbaland and his brother Sebastian spitting on me…

Sunday afternoon at 2pm, I was in an Armani jacket, JCrew blouse, dress pants and pumps ushering for Lynchburg’s Opera on the James.

Swinging from one musical spectrum to another was a trip all in itself; but I realized something this weekend…I am thankful that I have an array of cultural experiences, so much so that I can swing from one end to the other in as little as 48 hours 😉

How was your weekend??


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