The Norva Let Down…

So…Timbaland ascribed himself as being responsible for the success of artists like “Nellie Fertado, Justin Timberlake, One Republic…” Though I would agree he has contributed, I highly doubt he was solely responsible…

His show last week suggested that it might have been a miracle he found success with those artists; it was nearly a flop.  For fans coming to see Timbaland do his thing, he had live musicians and rapped a lot of his original stuff; the problem was his tickets said “And Special Guest.”

It was all the hype in V-Town that week; JT was in Norfolk recording; he and Timbaland were “best friends;” Norva staff were leaking that his food requests were on the roster; Justin Timberlake was going to be there.

You can imagine the let down when the opening strains of their new radio hit, “Carry Out,” was accompanied by a video image of JT.  Not the man himself.  A few songs before this one, Timbaland had disappeared and left his DJ to entertain us.  It seemed a little out-of-place, but given the fact Timbaland had been making excuses all night for why this show wasn’t going well, listening to the DJ’d version of “Loose” and “Roll out” wasn’t all that different.

When he finally returned to stage, he announced, “Sorry guys, I had to leave to smoke some weed…get my head straight”…

The show resumed, sans special guest, and before the night was over, a number of people forgot whose show they’d paid to see and began chanting “Timberlake! Timberlake!  Timberlake!”

For a minute, I felt badly for Timbaland, but then I changed my mind.  He didn’t have to promote his first show in his hometown EVER, by suggesting he was going to bring in someone “special.”  And when that someone special couldn’t work out, he probably shouldn’t have waited until the end of the show to address it after a fan hollered out “What happened to Justin Timberlake?  What happened to having a special guest?”

Compound this entire story by the fact that we had to wait an hour later to get into the concert; what was originally blamed on “CPT,” but later I might have ascribed to him trying to get his “act together.”  Then add that once we were let inside, he didn’t bother taking the stage until nearly two hours after it was originally meant to start.  A hologram machine that didn’t work, a video screen that played artists accompanying him about two lines too late, and an unprepared Timbaland getting high just to get through his first show on the tour; equaled Annie and I disappointed.

Thank you Norva for not ensuring your acts were ready to take the stage.  Thank you Timbaland for making me stand out in the cold air with just a t-shirt on freezing and thank you shoes for not withstanding a night that should have lasted 4 hours but dragged out to 8.

Annie and I trying to stay warm, 40 minutes into the outdoor wait...

Blistered toes, blown out ear-drums and 1:30AM finally found Annie and I back at her place and thankful to be home.  Timbaland is a great producer…now if he can just get someone to produce a live show for him, he might be in good shape!

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