I don’t give the fact that I’m in my 30’s and not married a second thought.

In fact, when I considered future plans for this decade, marriage didn’t even make the list!

I was never the girl who dreamed of what her wedding was going to like, read bridal magazines in college, or come up with a list of names I wanted for my future children.

When we played house as children, I was never in one; I was always the “banker,” or the “Manager.”

Independent woman has kinda been the anthem of my life for the last half-decade anyway; and I am quite comfortable being that way until it comes time to find a new roommate…that is one of the FEW times I think, “man, it would be great to be married.”

My roommate just told me she’s moving out when our lease is up…so once again, I’m on that search for the perfect roommate.  I have had my SHARE of roommates…ones who vacuumed while I was sleeping; stole my underwear; used the last of the milk and never replaced it; broke my Clam Shell Apple computer…

The roommate I had now was pretty close to perfection.  We were on the same sleep schedule; we were both quiet and kept to ourselves; we weren’t big entertainers, and we both got along famously.  I am so sad to see her go…but getting married to acquire some sort of permanency is unthinkable.

A little curious now as to who is next in store!

Anyone else tired of the roommate turnover rate?  Or lucky to have a permanent one 😉


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