Inclement Weather…

Oh Virginia…

I am sure that any southerner reading this would say, “But you’re CANADIAN!”

Yes, yes I am; however, that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize the humor in calling a “snow day,” when the weather is calling for “flurries” and we end up with a day of sun.

I can still recall my first “snow day” here in Virginia.  It really did snow.  I think a solid two inches fell that day.  Of course, since I AM Canadian, I decided to brave the “weather” and went to Barnes and Noble to get coffee.  That is a necessity. On that 5 minute drive, I saw 8 cars in the ditch and witnessed nearly two more crashes.

The roads were dry.

Just had a little snow on them! 🙂

Today the weather was calling for “freezing rain.”  It was about 4pm when the weather advisory was put in place until tomorrow night at 6pm.  It had been raining all day today, and the weather was going to be hovering around freezing through the night; but when I left teaching at 9:30pm and found myself on empty roads and passing closed restaurants I was a little surprised.  Not like it had the potential to turn out like this:

Practically speaking, the well traveled roads in the city were still warm from the commute; so even if the temperatures hung around freezing, it would take a while before roads actually froze.  This would make wet roads a danger in the early AM when they’ve had all night to settle in the cold.

The roads tonight were fine and as I drove down main roads that you could fire a cannon ball down, all I could think was how WARM it had been just two days ago and marveled at how quickly things could turn.

Not at all unlike life, is it? 😉


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