Starbucks Drama…

What is it about coffee shops?

There is something about this small space that smells of freshly ground coffee beans, adorned with an array of coffee confectioneries, cozy corner tables, tall windows…the perfect place to spend a Friday night working on a Book Review, catching up with an old friend…

…or listening to the two girls at the table next to you have a cat fight.

I should be focusing on how to read the bible effectively, a book of nearly 300 pages that has a summary due; but tonight, these two college girls decided this was the perfect place to talk about why they’re not special, but they are, but they are disappointed with each other, and she’s telling him things about her that is not what he needed to know and went behind her back, and walls have been put up because they don’t know why…and this entire diatribe is interrupted because one of the girls got a text message.

As you can see, the entire place is empty; except for the drama queens.

As I sit here, unable to completely ignore the tirade that is quickly turning teary; I am so thankful.  Thankful that I am not early twenty-something anymore; that it isn’t as difficult for me to decipher how I feel, to put those feelings into words; thankful that I am in my thirties!!!

And still in school….

Apparently Ella can block it out; so must I.  Back to that paper.


3 thoughts on “Starbucks Drama…

    • Ella is about to embarrass me…and then she chickened out; one of the girls is a sweet girl who works at this Starbucks and apparently has a crazy roommate…well now, I’ve had my share of those…

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