“Exhaustion Takes Over…

It’ll someday be over.”

Jars of Clay.

I can remember the first time I heard “Flood” on the radio in high school; it sounded nothing like the Sugar Ray and Real McCoy that permeated the air waves.  Their lyrics were slightly different than the usual as well.

Today I’m tired.  It’s been a huge week and next week will be even bigger; but today I came home to an empty second bedroom, cleaned out kitchen cupboards, and a very quiet apartment.  Even though I knew my roommate was moving out, and I knew it was happening today, coming home to the emptiness carried with it a slight melancholy.

I’ve always felt that way when people move out of my life; most especially people that I enjoyed having around…not so much those that were challenging to be around.  I had a similar feeling when I came home to the empty second room after graduate school when Teresa moved out; when I came home the summer Ashley moved out; my life has been consistently filled with change but I have never grown accustomed to it.

Life is what you make of it though, and in the midst of change I am always reminded, life stops for no one.  We get stagnant if we stay in one place; life gets dull if we aren’t advancing it forward somehow.  I have created a world where it is almost always in constant flux, but the movement keeps me reaching for the stars.

I dare you to move.


One thought on ““Exhaustion Takes Over…

  1. Hi, while doing a search to find an image for a blogpost I did on Jon Foreman’s song, “I dare you to move”, I actually came down on this image. I’m not sure if you took the photo, but I have used it on my blog now…-)

    Hope that’s fine. I usually credit all the resources I use on a post.

    If you wish to, you can check it out: http://www.meetal.co.za/video/dare-you-to-move

    AnyHoe… I love this post. Ill do some more searching on your blog.


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