Weathering the Storm…

It rained last night.

No. It poured last night.

So hard, 2 inches fell over a few short hours.

So hard, the storm sounded like 747’s taking off.

So hard, school was called off today for flooding.

And then it stopped.

Almost as suddenly as it had started.

The clouds cleared leaving the sun to soak up every last drop of water.  The storm rolled in unannounced, and promptly rolled out; leaving the children of Lynchburg romping and stomping up and down the steps of my apartment building, screaming and shouting through the corridors.

As I listened to their racket, I thought about how these weather patterns are not too dissimilar from the storms that roll in and out of our lives.  In the midst of trauma, our world couldn’t feel darker, couldn’t seem colder, and couldn’t be more foreboding…we find ourselves caught in the midst of a storm we didn’t even see coming.  Inevitably though, the clouds do blow over, the do skies clear, and sun once again returns.

For a while.

Weather patterns never stay in one place for long.  If they did, my dream of living in a place that was 70’s, balmy, with sun would come true.  Yet no such place exists.

As with the seasons in weather, so are the seasons in our lives.

I have read online of late, numerous people who are facing the storms of life.  I have been there.  I will be there again.  I want to encourage you; although the nights seem long, and the dawn feels a million miles away, it will come.  The sun always returns.  You are never alone.

Tonight they called for snow.

Life is full of surprises.  How do you handle them?


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