Lady Gaga…

For those who missed my Facebook post, or don’t happen to be my Facebook friend, this is what happened at Subway today.

I had on a white guy’s A&E hoodie, black sunglasses and ripped jeans with furry sketcher slip ons.  It was 11:30am and I was SO thankful there were only two people ahead of me in line.  The guy directly in front of me kept looking at me sideways.  Not entirely uncommon, students I’ve taught in the past exhibit similar behaviors when we encounter each other years down the road.  I glanced back to see if I recognized him, in time for his eye to catch mine; he seized the opportunity and said, “Lady Gaga??”

It took me a minute to process his tone of voice.   Did he really think I was her??  Which might have been why I sarcastically said, “Really???”

He said, “Uhh, Yeah.”

He wasn’t kidding.

“Uhh, NO.”

I do not know much about this musician (if one could call her that); but I know enough that I do not care much for what music I’ve heard of hers on the radio; I understand she doesn’t have a decent reputation; and she is probably the last person I’d want to be mistaken for.

Still, from what few pictures I’d come across, I never thought I saw my reflection in any of them.



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