The Second Gig…

Wednesday was my second gig; I played at a friends local restaurant:

This came roughly a month after my first gig ever; and it also came with a night full of surprises.  Here was the biggest one…

I had written two more songs since my last show, on the guitar, and had added them to what had become a two-set list; half on piano and half on guitar.  I had a number of friends, ranging from my college years to the past couple, show up to support me; along with new friends that I met after my show!  My friend Leslie, who I met through Marty, had invited some of her “friends.”  She told me she was bringing some friends, and I thought it was to fill the room…turns out there was purpose.

After I finished my first set on the keys, Leslie came up and introduced me to a choreographer from VSA (Virginia School of the Arts).  Kids come from all over the country/world to attend this school and learn ballet and contemporary dance.  He had heard my song “What I need;” and envisioned choreography to the song.  What he wanted to do was have me record that song next week, they would be in rehearsal all semester, and it would be in their spring show with me singing my song live as the VSA students dance.

I nearly fainted.


I’m supposed to go into the recording studio next week…and even as I type this, I am reveling in how life happens; almost always when we least expect it 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Second Gig…

  1. What I forgot to mention is; the best part of that night was one of my dreams coming true…seeing people in the audience singing the words of songs I wrote. Thank you Ella for making that dream come true 🙂 Love!!

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