I just got back from shoveling the snow and clearing off my car for the second time today.  I had to smile, because the only people I met outside today were northerners who knew if they didn’t clear the snow now, our cars would be popsicles by morning!

This has been a strange winter for Virginia.  The irony for me is, I have seen more snow here in VA this year than I did in Canada when I was home for two weeks at Christmas time!

Here’s what today looked like:

I have been living in this apartment for nearly two years and only today did I meet some of the people from my building.  I even met a girl from the building across the road who was literally leaping around in the snow as I was trudging out to my car this morning.  I said hello and muttered something about all the snow under my breath, and she chirped, “I LOVE the snow, this is the first time I’ve ever seen it!!!”

As I watched her continue to frolic around in what I viewed as a lot of white nuisance; I smiled thinking about the differences in perspectives in life.  What is some peoples pain is others pleasure; some peoples trash is others treasure.

Maybe all we need in life sometimes is a little perspective?


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