These Hopeful Machines

Six thousand, one hundred and seventy eight.

That is the number of stutter-edits in BT’s new album that released today.

If you don’t know what a “stutter-edit” is, that’s okay; all you need to know is that this new album synthesizes BT’s ability to lovingly lock synths, six-strings, vocals, space, production advances and master it with pure emotion.

It hasn’t left my iPhone or iMac today; I have been playing it non-stop.  I knew that would be the case when I caught a six minute clip of Every Other Way on BT’s tumblr site last fall.  I think I fell asleep listening to it for three weeks straight.

BT isn’t just another pretty face; he is a compositional genius, who has morphed his affinity for melodic mathematics into something that turns listening to music into an interactive experience.

I am on a long list of people who have met the master-mind “once at a ____” (Fill in the blank); but he is on the list of people I would love to spend a day with watching him do what he does.

Yet, the reality is, I will likely never get that chance to experience that; but a superior second is THM.  I can experience that over and over…

If you are looking for new music, download it from itunes or order it from Amazon ahora!!! Your ears will thank you…I promise.


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