It’s no secret.  Brad Pitt is HOT.  And I loved “Seven Years (of Brad Pitt);” for the sheer amount of “Brad Pitt.” When I realized there was no way he and I would ever work out it, I was happy to see him and Jennifer Aniston together.

My infatuation waned when Pitt made “Mr. and Mrs. Smith;” though I loved the movie, it infringed on a serious set of ethical standards I hold.  I always wanted Brad to be more morally conscious than he proved himself to be, and now maybe he’s suffering for it?

Identifying with Jennifer Aniston, to some degree, when Brad and Angelina got together shortly after her and Brad split; my heart always went out to her.  College romance failed me miserably; and the boy I thought I loved had no trouble callously tossing away my unending devotion for an exotic replacement.  I couldn’t imagine compounding that pain with tabloid press and billboards…

Fortunately for my ex, his choice has been a “happy ever after,” but it looks like Brad might be regretting his?  Two different ideas of raising children, two different ideas of discipline, and two very different approaches to marriage.  In the end, Brad really is a good ol’ boy and sees marriage as monogamous; where Angie sees it as something that shouldn’t be limited and restrained.  Are we surprised?

Lately, I’ve been using the phrase, “the grass is always greener”…sometimes we might do well to consider that possibility?  At least before we’re six children in and five years invested…or maybe this is all just a publicity stunt.


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