Glass Half Full

Two weekends.  Four feet of snow.  Complete isolation.

These are the times that I miss Canada.

We could have three feet of snow in Canada, and it might slow us down an hour or so; but we’d be right back to business as usual.  We are used to waking up on winter mornings and having to shovel the walk and the end of the drive to get our cars out.  Maybe that’s why I found myself compelled to get up every morning these snowy weekends to clean off my car and shovel my parking space.

It was definitely sometime after cleaning off my car that I managed to catch myself a brilliant cold.  Put to good use my mother’s childhood admonishment, “gargle with salt water Renee!”  I hated it then, and avoided it in adulthood; but this morning it seemed like my only chance for relief.

Rendered immobile by snow, and immovable by a cold…relief did come this morning.

As did the sun.

It always seems darkest, and coldest, at night; but the sun eventually returns.  Sometimes life can appear that way too.  Days when you’re walking in valleys that appear so dark the possibility of the sun returning seems an eternity away; and yet, the skies invariably clear, the ground eventually thaws, and the sun comes out again.

Though the sun has returned to VA today, my physical health is still encroached by the cold.  As with all things in life, this too shall pass!

How’s the weather where you are?


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