Online Dating…

It hasn’t been the first time someone has encouraged me to give “online dating” a go; but each time I try it I SWEAR it will be my last.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking the success potential of a website engineered to bring two complete strangers together in a cosmically romantic collision.  My dad and step-mom are a product of said stars aligning, and have been happily married every since; so I know it can work.  They were the first to actually encourage me to sign up for their successful matchmaker;  I guess a 25 year old single daughter who had only really dated 3 guys in her entire existence, seemed to warrant a change of relational pursuit in their minds.  Couple that with small-town living amounting to slim pickin’s, and I decided it was worth a shot.

Yet, as I surfed through the responses I received yesterday on OKCupid – the most recent dating site that my best friend encouraged me to have a go with – I recalled all the reasons why I abandoned online dating to begin with.

It was my previous impression, and a now renewed one, that most of the guys on internet dating sites are creeper McCreeper’s.  Player extraordinaire’s.  Men looking to lengthen their laundry list of women; who have taken the ability to “work a room,” into cyberspace.

Diamond in the ruff, that is what I suppose I was hoping to find every time I logged on to one of these sites; the idea that there had to be another “hopeful” out there, who was giving something as inane as internet dating a shot.  A mentality, I realized, that was no different from the one I carried with me on any given day.  That I would run into my “Ryan Reynolds” and find my happily ever after.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still dream of running into a guy somewhere, having our eyes meet, getting that butterfly feeling, and finding out what his favorite way to spend a Friday night, or the six things he couldn’t live without over a shared cup of coffee in a physical coffee shop.  I would still rather bump into Ryan Reynolds on the Metro than online 😉

Just not feeling the cybercafe.

Anyone had any luck with love online?


3 thoughts on “Online Dating…

  1. I had given eHarmony a shot back in the day….but it turns out Facebook was what worked. Ironically, a friend had told me back then that I needed to set up a Facebook page because “it’s a great way to meet girls.” Three years later, happily married! Here’s to cyberspace!

  2. Well if I where going to recommend a site to anyone it would be:
    I have never tried online dating myself but I read a lot of article on and they are really solid as far as biblical courting/dating/marriage goes. I really enjoy reading their articles and they recommend It’s a website designed for mature Christians to find someone to marry, not people just looking for a casual relationship. Give it a shot.


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