The Approach…

A comment Dave made about my online dating scenario made some good sense; Facebook has become one of the biggest online “dating” sites out there.  Possibly more successful because you don’t necessarily initiate contact on Facebook with that intent; and friendship isn’t maintained because of it.

Lately, I have met more people on Facebook than usual.  Maybe it’s because I am unashamedly adding anyone I might have met at some random point in history; but regardless, I have “friended” some really interesting people!

Running dialogue has ensued, and today, one of those discussions turned to “the approach.”  The moment a guy determines that the girl within reach is worth initiating conversation and is able to subside any personal inhibition and approach her.

The story I heard today went like this:

My sister just shared a story with me the other day. Over a period of 24 hours three guys tried to give her their number / get hers. She said one of them had a teenage daughter with him who spoke up saying, “Are you FLIRTING?”; right in the middle of the ordeal.

For some reason, I imagine this guy having a personality close to this:

Can almost see little Suri now…

Here was what we concluded.

The whole approach for a guy has got to be unnerving; especially when you are aware of all the idiots that give “approaching” a bad name
and girls have to contend with those idiots; and if they’re old fashioned, they have to just…wait…
and in the end,
little gets done,
on either side.
Usually the ones who attempt “the approach,” are desperate, and creepy about it.
And not nearly as attractive as those two guys…
How difficult was it for you to approach someone?

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