I didn’t eat yesterday.  I didn’t eat today.  And I’m not going to eat tomorrow. Cause I’m gonna be a SUPERMODEL!!

Well Jill Sobule, you have fun with that; I love pizza and french fries TOO much to ever meet the caloric requirements of a supermodel…

Yesterday, I got a taste of what that life might be like; albeit a small one.

As a favor, I was asked to “model” for a high-end boutique here in Lynchburg this coming Friday at “The Gathering of the Goddesses.”  It was the first time I wore Gucci sunglasses and put on a pair of Seven jeans.  Four outfits total, each worth nearly $1000, was what an hour and a half in the change room, in front of the mirrors and dotting-on amounted to.  I quickly fell in love with the Seven skinny jeans and black patent stiletto high heels…but I’ve always had expensive taste and a dollar-menu pocket book.

As we moved through my wardrobe for Friday night, the owner of Jasmine’s asked me, “are you bored?”  I can’t believe that my nonverbals would have given that impression; because in my mind I was thinking: ‘this is the greatest thing EVER!!!’  I had been carried away by dreams of runways, flashing lights, and designer outfits that I was sporting and later packing away in my luggage as additions to a rapidly growing wardrobe at home.  “Are you bored?” brought me out of never-never land and planted my feet firmly in reality; reminding me there are so many reasons why I have never pursued this before; the least of which is my love of food…

Dear Life,

I realize that I may never get to become a supermodel, acquire a closet full of designer clothes, or share the runway with the likes of Heidi Klum; but if you could find a way to allow me another experience of being dressed like Barbie Couture in my brief existence here on earth, that would be great.



6 thoughts on “Supermodel

  1. Maybe I’ll model for the Goodwill some day lol.

    I would say something about being thin or this or that or the other but the truth is I’m fat yet I’m still popular and I still attract good looking men.

    But even if I didn’t I’d rather have a pizza.

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