Hit and Run

This past weekend was Luke and Leah Waldron’s wedding.

It started out like any other day, at first…I was headed to Starbucks to caffinate myself before making my way to the wedding day festivities.

Wards Road Starbucks parking is nothing short of a wild animal theme park.  Cars precariously move in and out of that miniature parking on a daily basis, and I have marveled that in the 5ish years of the plaza’s existence, I have not witnessed more wrecks or been in one myself.

My love for this starbucks has always exceeded it’s hazardous parking and that reason is two-fold.  (1) Because nearly 95% of the time they make my challenging Grande Vanilla Misto, one-third coffee, one-third milk and one-third foam to perfection; (2) I always leave with a slightly inflated ego from Barista flattery.

Yet, my perfect coffee and inflated ego did nothing to sooth what awaited my departure.

Everyone knows, in parking lots, that people in reverse will inch their cars out so they can see past the cars they’re parked next to; especially if it is a mini-van or truck.  The right side of me had a massive truck parked there, so I proceeded to creep backwards checking first to my left and then to my right…(insert metal grinding metal sound here.)

I glance behind me and see a twenty-something “my blond hair is a good indicator of my intelligence” girl, who somehow managed teleport herself through the parking lot directly behind my car.  Stunned, I pulled my car forward, threw on the parking break, and got out of my car and watched her pull forward into what I thought was one of the empty parking spaces in an all ready crowded lot…and then I saw her turn the corner and race off out of sight.

Who hits someones car, with them in it, and LEAVES??

Everyone asked if I got her plate number, the make and model of the car, and you’d like to think that in a moment of crisis you would have all faculties at your disposal; but all I managed to see was her beat up American-made car that looked like it had been part of some kind of vehicle derby before I lost her in the sea of cars on a Sunday afternoon.

Two hundred dollars, a police report and insurance claim later; I am going to have to surrender my car to repairs for a minimum of two days while little miss “I got my license out of a cracker jack box” got away scott-free.

Life is happening all around you, and sometimes you just can’t stop it; even when you put on the breaks.


2 thoughts on “Hit and Run

  1. Seriously…I had that thought when I went to write this!! But I couldn’t top “hit by a bus.”

    We’re going to know for sure about insurance tomorrow…but yeah, it sucks.

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