A $500 cup of coffee…

Was not what I expected to pay for making a trip to Starbucks on Sunday afternoon.

For those who read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I was victim of a hit and run Sunday.  Grande Vanilla Misto is known there as “Renee’s drink;” due to the detailing of thirds.

Ten minutes later, beverage in cup-holder, I’m inching out of my parking space and sideswiped by some blond chick in a beat up American car.

The best part of this story, is that she takes off and I’m left with what I hoped would be an “uninsured motorist” claim; only to have my insurance company inform me today that they had it filed as a “collision.”

For anyone not versed in claim-language; uninsured motorist claims in VA are a flat $200 deductible and the rest is covered by your insurance company (if you have that rider on your policy..and in this State, I HIGHLY recommend it!!).  Collision, suggests that you might be at fault, and thus it is a $500 deductible with possible hike in insurance rates.

My conversation with said insurance rep went much like this:

Brad: “Just so you know, I have to speak with my managers, but this might have to be filed as a collision claim due to the fact that you were in the lane.”

Me: “In the lane?”

Brad: “Yes, you said you were inching out of your parking spot, so you were in reverse and you are required to yield to the driver in the lane.”

Me: “Did you see the pictures from the adjuster?  Had I been in the *lane* this girl would have hit the backside of my car and not so beautifully scratched along the back bumper.  Honestly, I could have told you my car was parked in the space and she swiped it driving by and kept going.”

Brad: “Well, if that were the case, then she would have had to swerve to hit your car.”

Me: (again) “Have you SEEN the pictures?

(for those who missed it yesterday, and to back my argument!!)

There would have been no swerving necessary!  As far as I can remember, I was still within the white lines.”

Brad: “I am just required to let you know all possible outcomes; I promise to speak with management today and have an answer for you as soon as possible.”

Me: “Awesome. Thank you.”

You know, sometimes these stories don’t have happy endings, but Brad was the man.  Less than an hour later, I received a return call from him indicating that they would be able to file this as an “uninsured motorist” claim.  So now, my starbucks coffee only cost me $204.02 instead of $504.02.

The Look of a *good* Misto!

Thank you nameless girl in beat-up white car.  Karma is a *B.*


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