The number of people who came to see me play last night.

The number of songs I played.

The number of seconds into my first original before I realized how much I love singing/songwriting.

By some peoples standards, fifteen might be a small figure; but by my standards it was 14 more than I needed.  Song writing is something that doesn’t just bring my soul to life, but connects my soul with others when I perform.  Nearly each person in that room had a song that was “theirs;” not necessarily because I sat down and wrote it for them, but because unknowingly I did.

The most beautiful moment of my night was not just watching my new (and old) friends listen to the art I have spent my free time creating or singing along with it; but seeing the window to their soul give away its identification with mine.   That some how, the spark which led me to create each piece, ignited recognition in theirs.

One of the greatest inquiries of any artist is probably where they derive inspiration.  I have pondered that question and can’t place a specific answer.  It truly isn’t one thing, circumstance, or situation but rather a culmination of so many that reach a compositional pinnacle; where songs like “What I need” are born.  I do know, the undercurrent of every second of this journey, is my devotion to the One who holds each breath I take in His Hands.

I’ve actually copyrighted my music (finally) and in the near future will be posting clips of them on here.  Until then, tell me what is it you live for?


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