Retiring Christmas.

It happened.  Today I finally retired my Christmas decorations.

I don’t want you to have some misguided opinion about this statement, I had not actually lit my Christmas tree since January; but yes, the decorations were still highlighting my entire apartment until this very afternoon.  It took until February 26th for me to get sick of seeing a tinseled tree and tiny lights.

As I was pulling bows and lights from the synthetic branches of my exhausted Christmas tree, I couldn’t help but think of how much joy I had putting the entire ensemble together and how cumbersome it’s dismantling was.  Isn’t that like so many things in life?  There is so much care, effort and love put into acquiring something; once we have it we take it for granted; and then after a while we miss it terribly when it was gone.

Part of the push to take down the tree was to ensure that there was that excitement for it’s return next winter.  Were I to keep the decor year-round, it become like wallpaper and I wouldn’t even notice it was there.  Even as I type this, I wonder how many other things in our life we allow to become like “wallpaper.”  Sometimes we just need a change of scenery to appreciate what is right in front of us on any given day? 🙂

Listen.  At least my decor didn’t make it into March!  I decided to celebrate finally retiring Christmas by treating myself to calamari at Mangia downtown.

Anyone else know people who take a little longer than the social norm to retire their festive decor? 😉


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