Canadian Olympic Gold in Hockey!

As I type this, the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games are underway; on the cusp of Canada beating the US in hockey for the GOLD.

I don’t have cable; so I couch surfed to catch Olympic clips from my home and native land over the past few weeks.  That was how I witnessed OT today and our Gold win!  So proud, just so proud.

Yes, as these games come to a close, a feeling of nostalgia has crept up.  How many other events in life are able to peacefully unite countries around the world?  How often are these games held in my home country? There has been something so wonderful about being a Canadian, living in America, and seeing our flag splashed on televisions everywhere over the last two weeks.  Not to mention the lovely American’s who have said, “Your country has done a beautiful job with the Olympics this year, you should be proud.”

I am.

Though Canada did not create Hockey, Montreal is responsible for the modernization of the sport as we know it today.  This explains how masculinity in Canada has been defined by ones ability to play Hockey; most social activities revolve around the sport in season (and out), and we have now taken home Gold for the sport we so desperately love today.

All is well in the world.

I don’t think any amount of time living in the US will change the passion I have for my country, the love I have for her, or the longing to return that I always feel when I am away.  Today with pride, every day with passion, and the country responsible for my childhood; this statement will always be true:


So is this guy…


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