It’s the little things…

Today I returned the gas-guzzling, boat-rocking, beast of a car: Malibu Chevrolet.

(no offense to any American car drivers reading this)

It was fun to drive something different…for about a minute.   Then the uncomfortable seats, cumbersome steering, and wide-load made me miss my TSX like whoa.

When I pulled in to pick her up from vehicular hospital, I was beaming from ear to ear looking at her freshely washed exterior and SO excited to be back in a 6-speed again.

"Trinity" (yes, I named my car)

That excitement was promptly dampened by the $200 bill I had to pay to retrieve the keys; but as I crawled into the front seat and acclimated myself back into my Acura I noticed soemthing: they had cleaned my car exterior and interior!!  If anyone is familiar with winter weather and car interiors…both end up rather dirty at the end of the season.  This is the first weekend in VA that is even CLOSE to warm enough for a car cleaning…but I got a little more bang for my two-hundred dollar buck than I had originally been expecting 🙂

Sometimes it’s the little things…


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