Will Virginia lose the Arts, AND their Heart?

Consider for one minute these recent ruins uncovered in Turkey:

What has outlived this civilization?  Their tax records?  Their contributions to science?  Or their Art?  Estimated as being the oldest uncovered archeological site to date, this site is reported to be covered with the site is almost covered in graceful, naturalistic sculptures and bas-reliefs (Newsweek, Symmes, Feb. 19, 2010).

This week, Virginia is taking precarious fiscal measures against the longevity of the Arts.  VA is a state I have grown to love; not for its economy or its consumerism, but for its aesthetic beauty.  Have you seen the Blue Ridge Mountains?  The Natural Bridge?  It is the beauty of states like Virginia that inspire literature, lyrics, and composition.  A gift that was only state supported with a measly $4 million dollars annually, and in less than a year will be completely unfunded.

Times are tough, but it is in tough times that people look for inspiration.  Rarely do statistics and science inspire when the going gets tough; so what is making VA decide to turn its back on the one area of life that has the chance to give life back to its people?

Art has been at the root of every major civilization, the basis of every culture, and the definition of humanity.  To take away Art is comparable to losing ones soul.

Is it worth its weight in gold to remove all support of the Arts in a community?

Could this decision leave Virginia in ruins?


6 thoughts on “Will Virginia lose the Arts, AND their Heart?

  1. The answer to your question is yes, but, unfortunately, our nation worships science instead, because of the desire to make money and fame. Its all about money and fame.

    • It breaks my heart…I’m currently working on a song about the tragedy that is the lost appreciation of the arts…don’t they realize that creativity (which inspires science) is directly related to “the arts”!?!?!?

  2. It’s so sad that the first place municipalities seem to cut funding is from the arts. I think we all need to find ways to champion the arts in our area and support local programs.

    Why not think and write about things that make us happy? In my blog today, I’ve challenged you specifically (and two other bloggers) to write about 10 things that make you smile. In reading this blog these last few months, I have no doubt that you’ll have no trouble! Keep smiling (and singing!)

    • I agree…the things that drives life is the first thing that we chose to eliminate…Virginia is in a sad state to be sure.

      I checked out your blog and am excited to blog about my 10 things (or maybe 5) today!

  3. Being a Canadian that has lived (short-term) and travelled in the States a fair amount I think one thing that defines American communities is their strength of support from within. Canadians are often too eager to rely on the government for financial support and too willing to turn their backs on the financial needs of their community with the cry “it’s the government’s responsibility.”
    I HOPE that I’m right in this belief and that you’ll see the Arts continue to receive support, just from the community and its citizens themselves rather than the government. That is my hope. And PERHAPS (though this is a stretch) the struggle to survive artistically will create a whole new genre of inspiration.
    I don’t think Art can die, funded or not, it can perhaps gasp a little but never die.
    But then again I’m a silver-lining kind of gal.

    • I actually think that your comments are true beyond traditional museums, galleries, etc. It’s so important for communities to pull together and support the things that matter, whether it’s cleaning up the main street and putting on an “art-in-the-park” or donating craft supplies to local schools and groups. And I agree, I don’t think art can die but it would be really nice if everyone thought more of it, financially. It’s like writing a book.. the amount of time and creativity that go into the project only to collect a pittance of a royalty. It’s a shame but it doesn’t stop people from writing novels. Thank goodness!

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