In the blink of an eye…

When it comes to flying, I am a massive chicken.  Mostly because I imagine if I were to befall a tragic accident, it would be in the air.  This only exposes my slight sense of immortality.  That somehow, if I’m behind the wheel of a car I am safe.

My friend Tim’s wife, Hermione, was a well traveled women.

Though she taught middle school in Rustburg, VA, she had taught in China and was often glob trotting on missions trips over the years as well.  It wasn’t in any of her travels overseas, or in any of her time spent in foreign land that claimed her life.  It was a trip down Leesville road – a road I frequently travel – on a Sunday night at 7pm, where she was met head-on by a high-speed driver under the influence crossing double white lines that took her life.

That was the last call I took tonight, informing me of this loss.  Though I didn’t know Hermione well, I did know her husband pretty well; we went through graduate school together.  He adored his wife.  My heart broke for him.  Then I realized that, baring providential intervention, her story could be mine on any given night in Lynchburg; or someone here that I love for that matter.

I had said once before today, “we know not the time or the hour,” and tonight it was a clear reminder that when it is time to go, it is time to go; the question is: Will you be ready?


2 thoughts on “In the blink of an eye…

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  2. I wanted you to know that I read this and I’m so sorry. What a shame and such a loss. It’s nice that she is being remembered on your blog and I’m sure in so many other ways.

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