It was probably my shortest stint in any sport AND one of the most exhilirating: Roller Derby.

Yes.  I was a Derby Doll.  Wore the knee high stockings, mini-tennis skirts, and head-to-toe gear.  Skated at top speed around a roller rink on quads and practiced “J Blocks,” “Can openers” and “Derby Stance.”  I loved it.  That was until I was in practice, working on “The Waitress,” when I crashed and tried to save a teammate by adjusting my fall and subsequently landing on my sciatic nerve.

I realized then: If it came down to my safety or someone else, my default was to protect the other person; a dangerous response.  So I packed away my pads, hung up my skates and started doing music.

That was really how I fell back into performing.  So it was only fitting that tonight I sang the anthem for my former coaches team in Roanoke (a city an hour of south of Lyncbburg).

There was something about watching those girls tonight in their fish-net stockings, mini-skirts and t-shirts plastered with their Derby names that made me miss my roller-days.  “The Unicorn,” was the Derby name I was given (b/c I’m a dying breed, apparently) and “1:21” was the number I picked (can anyone figure that one out?).

One day, I might throw the pads back on, lace up the skates, and get out and hit a few chicks…but for now, I’m happy to be singing the US anthem and watch these girls obliterate each other on the rink! (Will add a youtube video of last nights game tomorrow!)

Hope you had a good Sunday night!


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