Live Sculptures, Second City and a High Fashion Shoe Show…

All in one weekend…in LYNCHBURG!!!

This weekend, for the first time since I left Toronto, I felt like I lived in a City.

I couldn’t have planned this weekend; in fact, I didn’t.  I had completely different plans that fell through mid-week so I could never have predicted the weekend I just had.

It started with a 3pm text on Friday from Lianna Carrera (up and coming Comedienne, check her out!!), asking if I wanted to meet up at Mangia.  I invited her to the living sculptures with me and she invited me to Second City show with her and so the evening penciled out.

Living Sculpture you ask? VSA (Virgina School of the Arts) put on a Friday night art show at this cool space downtown Lynchburg where their students performed in the open space to music for nearly 2 hours.

It was beautiful, and completely underrepresented by the local population; not a huge surprise as I never saw Lynchburg as a “cultured” city.

The late show of Second City was our ticket.

I wasn’t too surprised that it was poorly attended either being that we are a conservative country and Second City is very liberal.  In fact, they players were sure to punch every last political button in their two hour show and push every envelope they brought with them.  I’m pretty sure an entire table on the floor spent the bulk of the show squirming.

The most ironic part of the night was being able to find a full-menu restaurant open at 2am that wasn’t the Texas Tea Room (don’t get me wrong, nothing against a cheesy western outside of feeling sick for a few days).  The Hash House opened a few weeks ago, and their hours are 24-6!  In Lynchburg!?!

As if that wasn’t enough out-of-character for this city, Saturday night I was headed to a shoe fashion shoe and found myself in it! I sported 15 pairs of shoes, none of which you’d find on the racks of Target, Payless or Journeys.  It was hard to believe that these kinds of shoes could be found at a store in this tiny town…

Maybe Lynchburg is becoming something a little more cosmopolitan than I ever dreamed was possible?

Even if it is, I’m looking forward to a low-key, simple life weekend next 🙂


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