NyQuil Hangover

The room seemed foggy, my head felt heavy, and I was having trouble opening my eyes; yet through my squint I could see the massive “1o:00” flash on my cell phone.


I haven’t been able to sleep past 7am in a few months, and my biological clock (not the maternal one) probably sounded at that hour this morning, except my mind was comatose.

Last night after teaching at Randolph College, there was a scratch in the back of my throat.  You know that scratch.  The one on the inside of your throat that you just can’t reach but has the faint potential of turning into something ugly if you don’t nip it in the bud.  I’ve tried Airborne, but I think you need to be an elementary school teacher for it to work; I’ve tried gargling salt water, but it always makes me gag; so as a last ditch effort I decided to take the green pills.

You knows those.  Some people use them to sleep at night; some people use them to get over a severe head cold, and some people – like me – use them knock out a potential one.  I forgot that those tiny green pills knock you out as well.  Makes me wonder what they put in NyQuil these days…

Regardless, I lost three hours this morning and have felt dazed and confused for the bulk of today BUT I did not get sick!!!  Was it worth it; unfortunately, yes.  It was also a solid reminder why I refrain from drunkenness…

When’s the last time you took the green pills?


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