Healthcare Bill

Last night I got in a fight with a friend on the phone about the US’s economy, the idea of “big” government, and the fact that it appears as though the US might be going to hell in a hand basket.

This health care bill has been at the forefront of news media everywhere; the billions of dollars in debt it is going to incur and the division it has caused between its citizens.

It always surprises me that people who have known me for years as a Christian, mistake me for an American Republican; people who understand my stance on abortion believe that I am against the entire idea of socialized medicine and there are other people I know who think that I should have a passionate stance on all these things even though I am Canadian.

Nothing is perfect.  Not in this world, not in this life; least of all in something as complex as nationalized medicare.  I know this, it works imperfectly in Canada.  We still complain about the fact that our health care tax dollars are going towards people who willingly choose to abuse their bodies by overeating and developing diabetes or chain smoking and getting lung cancer.  We gripe and moan that is, until it is us in the emergency room at 3am being able to get the health care we need without having to flash a credit card or some other form of payment.

So nothing is perfect, but there are some things that are better.

That fight started because I made the statement: “I think Canadians have a better quality of life, despite the negligible increase in our tax dollars to have the luxury of free health care.”

I stand by that statement; this past weekend I was glad I am Canadian.


2 thoughts on “Healthcare Bill

  1. I just can’t stand the thought of the government using my money to kill off children. What’s the different in me enabling my government to fund abortion vs. me hiring a hit-man to kill someone. (

    It’s also unconstitutional to tax people for not paying for something. The government doesn’t need to force people to buy into their system. After all they can’t get medicare or social security right, why would I believe they can manage my money now?

    I do think America needs health-care reform. Though it doesn’t need to include abortion, and we don’t need to pass it with money flying all around under the table.

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