A political theme seems only appropriate this week, as it is nearly impossible to find a conversation going on here in the US that doesn’t revolve around the new health care bill.

As I mentioned yesterday, I find myself caught; being Canadian, this new bill affects me – to a degree.

If I were to move home tomorrow, I would be 3 months of employee away from being reinstated into socialized medicine.  Contrary to popular belief, my passport does not allow me the rights of a Canadian resident who is currently paying taxes into the health care system.  Having lived out of country for nearly 7 years as an independent, I am no longer viewed as a resident of my country; and ironically am not seen as a resident of this country.  I prefer to call myself an international nomad 😉  But at the end of the day, I AM CANADIAN 🙂

Despite my nationality, there is still a strong inclination from all US citizens to try and “categorize” me politically.  Canada never defined itself by its voting system.  My grandparents voted conservative and my mother voted reform growing up, but we did not make and break friendships if we encountered someone who was liberal or independent nor was their strife in my family because we were from two different political camps.  Not to mention, I never heard a political push from a pulpit at any church I attended growing up.  I might go as far as to say, Canada did a good job separating politics from religion.

Can they be separate?  That was part of my conversational fight on Sunday.  Can you be a Christian and vote democrat (government who is for abortion); yet the Christian vote for a Republican would secure a violent approach to foreign affairs (violation of the 6th Commandment).  I recognize that there are contexts affiliated with even those blanket statements I just made; but as an outsider living in a foreign land I do not believe this:

As a Christian, who sees herself first as a citizen of heaven and second a citizen of Canada, there is no evidence to support God being a proponent of either political party.  Both parties, from what I’ve read/learned, are in favor and in contrast to varying biblical truths making it impossible to vote for a party based on your faith.  On top of that, the issues that become the “triggers” in an election are only on the surface of what is massive mountain of governmental mayhem.  Focus on one, and you lose sight of all others.

The question I was always asked was, “well, what would you be if you were an American?”  I stand by my response: neither.  I don’t think there is a perfect approach to fix a political train that so clearly derailed sometime after this country’s Founding Fathers left leadership.  A two-party system, like a family with only two children, will always be in conflict without mediation.  There needs to be a viable middle ground, preferably two or three others, if this country wants to see true progress and prevent want sometimes feels like the brink of another civil war.

But that’s just my opinion. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Republican?

  1. Funny you mentioned civil war. I found myself wondering if America’s constant in-fighting could lead us to a second one today. I hope not, but it certainly inhibits us from making progress.

  2. I LOVE this post…my very first semester at Liberty was during the presidential election and people looked at me like I was a crazy person for supporting Obama. And I was completely unprepared for when a fellow student called me a “baby killer” upon seeing my Obama pin that I displayed on my purse, not even entertaining the thought that perhaps I was pro-life. So frustrating.

  3. Im 20 pages into a book I’m writing entitled Christian’s don’t vote Democrat. I can prove in scripture many ways to uphold my view point- In choosing the lesser of two evils I would say God is a Republican is a true statement. However Liberterian would be the best 🙂

    It will not say anywhere in the bible vote republican but the tenants of the party fall most in line. There are multiple third parties but none viable yet! I love the post above about revolutionaries, was that not how the country was founded? Whats so bad about that? I do believe there could be another civil was, but find it very unlikely. Obama’s RADICAL quote ” if they bring a KNIFE then we’ll bring a GUN ” certainly won’t help!

  4. I find it disturbing to think of someone trying to write a book to prove in scripture that God is a republican. I don’t know that seems to really be missing the mark in terms of critical discourse about Christianity in the American political arena. Also, I don’t think there is anything in the Bible about supply side economics.

    • I think the challenge with this kind of book is that there are believer’s all over the world – not just in the US – what are they meant to vote? As far as the Bible goes (especially the NT) you have to question the Republican stance on war…I’d have a hard time seeing how that argument is effectively presented too…

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