may be a life saver?

Let me start in my kindergarten gym class.  The report card went home, and next to performance it said something like, “Renee is an active participant after she spends time contemplating her options and decidedly chooses when and where to get involved.”

I have observed, over time, that patiently waiting to see what the best decision is and not jumping at the first opportunity has served me well, saved me a lot of money, and led to the best possible outcomes.  In the rare moments that I have jumped to conclusions, or made rash decision, I have almost always regretted it.  A conversation over Starbucks coffee (in a Canada mug that they GAVE me today :)) confirmed that I am not the only one who has found this method successful.  Time is our friend.

That story is interesting because I was accused of “making caculated decisions.”  It was about that time I recognized that I never dove head first into anything.

I am still that five year old girl, leaning up against the wall, weighing out the options in front of her and only making a move to get involved when she has assessed the best possible scenario.  I’m just not talking about which group of kids I want to play dodge ball with anymore 😉

How do you make decisions?


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