BET and the Corner Cafe


Sarah McLachlan

Performing live on BET

And you have a bit of a picture about how I felt last night at the Corner Cafe.  I signed up for slot 4, so I got to preview Wednesday night’s open mic talent before I had to take the stage.  That is probably what unnerved me.  I mean, I’ve had nerves before, but my hands haven’t visibly shook since I was singing in high school.

Let me paint this picture.  Bleach blond hair, bright blue eyes, coach purse, shiny Takamine guitar and tormented love song lyrics that sounded Fisher Price next to the gold chain, diamond studded, “F-this,” “Mother F’er-that” stylings of the rap artists that preceded me.

I took the stage, pulled my Canadian flag strap over my head and settled into a boom-less mic.  Hunched over (so as not to have my guitar hit the mic stand) I bashfully said into the mic “umm…I don’t rap.”  At least I could make the audience smile 🙂

A shaky hand, a wobbly voice, and two songs later, I took my leave of the stage.  Yet in spite of my nerves, there was something sweet about the union of music genres in that place.  Something remarkable that even though this group of people weren’t necessarily into my “sound,” they took the time to respect it, and applauded when I finished; as I did theirs.

There is a movement here in the Lynchburg’s music scene that is refreshing.  We are no longer a class of races, colors or music styles but a group of people who have something they want to share with the world and we’re willing to stand by each other while we do it.  I may not have collected any new fans last night, but I did leave with a refreshed vision of the path music might be on.  The world might do well to listen?


8 thoughts on “BET and the Corner Cafe

  1. Wow this was a very enjoyable read and glad to see that their are some who share of my dreams and visions inregards to music and most of all unity. Thank you Renee, see you soon.

  2. As my favorite Puerto Rican bar customer used to say, “Go BIG”! Your stretch is impressive and will serve you well in the future. Congratulations G.


  3. I was so excited to perform some of my rap music before you went on….got the audience super ready for you! You can thank me later….

  4. Thats awesome not only do they have killer burgers, but know there is a better music scene. Gonna need to check that out

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