Did Jesus wear Jeans?

It’s Easter.  One of the hallmarks of Western holidays and a foundational cornerstone of the Christian Faith.  A former pagan holiday, converted by Constantine into a day of religious observance; and has now been commercialized to represent chocolate eggs, bunny rabbits and the arrival of spring.

As a believer, this day holds more than the a fore mentioned cultural appeal; something that was discussed over lunch with two of my good friends.   What ended our discussion about the observance of what has freed us in this life was this question: “did Jesus wear jeans?”

I thought about that questions for a minute.  Apparently that idea has offended some circles of Christians but jeans didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility for me.  Especially since I am certain He wouldn’t have been found at Liberty University, Thomas Road, or any of the other local churches.  He would have spent the bulk of his time at bars, clubs, and with the homeless on the streets as that is where He was found through most of His recorded life.  All places that the contemporary church turns shuns.

Left me wondering, if we are called (those of us who are Christ-followers) to demonstrate Christ’s love to those around us; how successful are we?

I think Jesus would have worn jeans; but in the end I don’t think that question really matters…


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