98 degrees…in my opinion

No, I’m not talking about this boy-band, but I think they are just as awful as the steaming hot temperatures of 90-something Fahrenheit.  It’s not that I don’t like hot weather, I really despise it.

I’ve felt like that fickle menopausal female who is constantly complaining about how hot it is, then how cold it is, and then how hot it is; is there a perfect temperature?  Yes.  It’s somewhere in San Diego, almost a decade ago, when I was standing in a foot of snow around noon and then surfing a humid-less 75 degrees on the Pacific.  I literally had tears in my eyes when I left that city in 2000…haven’t been able to go back.

That is my utopia.

I left Canada because I couldn’t handle the cold.  We literally would have snow falling at the end of September and it would hang around until late April at times.  It wasn’t like the snow here in VA…until this past winter.  I hadn’t seen so many gray days, and inches of snow…since I left Canada!


It’s 50 degrees a week ago Sunday and last Thursday my car’s outdoor temp read “90 degrees F.”  HOW is that possible?

Some say, El Nino, some say 2012, some say “the end times,” I say, it’s too hot here, it’s too cold here…but that’s my opinon.

I wish I was in San Diego.


2 thoughts on “98 degrees…in my opinion

  1. I have heard that the Sun is putting out stronger solar flares which are cyclical? Sound’s plausible that if a hot source gets closer to us that temps would rise. Which means no GREEN program will help. Not to say that recycling etc… is bad.

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