A thousand feet in the air fell out of my pocket today

Leaving the gym today, I pulled my keys out of one of the pockets and watched this piece of paper flutter to the floor:

Not only is it evident that I need a manicure, but it was clear that time flies.  It felt like yesterday we (Ashely Edds and myself) had boarded the plane in Amsterdam from Toronto to land in Madrid two hours later; me thinking we were going to die (I have an acute awareness of mortality thousands of feet in the air) the entire time we were airborne and Ashely certain death was imminent the minute we walked onto the streets of Madrid.

That ticket had been one of our last on the way back home.  It was amazing that a small piece of paper could carry so many memories that instantly sent me on a tailspin back to a time and place that in many ways felt like yesterday but was clearly years ago.

How many times do things fall into your life from the past, and take you to a place you once knew?


One thought on “A thousand feet in the air fell out of my pocket today

  1. LOL! I remember that flight… I was about to barf from lack of sleep! Ahhh what great memories though. If we could only do it over again knowing we wouldn’t die… we would have had sooo much more fun!

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