BT, Couchsurfing, and Glow sticks

This past weekend was supposed to happen a dozen weekends ago, for so many reasons; least of all which was this is probably the busiest academic season for me and driving to DC to pull an all nighter to see BT perform live was not on the list of things “to do” at this point.

I have seen BT live once before.  It was June in Baltimore at an open air show and I got to spend it with his webmaster backstage (if you missed my Toby Mac post, it is unavoidably one of my preferred ways to see a show!).  However, I am also a massive fan of dance.  It’s for more entertaining for me to be dancing around other people than to be dancing alone back stage (though I happily dance alone).

Two pink glow sticks, three hours of sonic base and two bottles of water later, Rob and I left Club Ibiza with our heads spinning, stomach churning and a stark reminder that we weren’t 21 anymore; well, I wasn’t 21 anymore.  It has been three days since this show and I am still recovering!

We drove 45 minutes to a Roller Derby and LU friend’s, brother’s apartment who happened to be in Georgia with the DC Nationals but had cleared with his roommates to let Rob and I crash on their couch.  We walked into one roommate passed out in the front room of the  unlocked townhouse, another roommate evidently passed out in the basement bedroom with infomercials blaring loudly, and a back room with three couches, one duvet and two pillows.

Sleep came readily, and to the rhythm of the base from BT’s set ringing in my ears.  While I listened to the pounding in my ears, well aware of the ache in my arms from glow-dancing and completed exhausted at 4am, I could only smile; I may be over 30, but I wasn’t too old to have fun!

Rob and I rolled out of there at 9am, left out the back door of the townhouse.  No one knew we’d even crashed there for a minute.  Four hours later, I found myself back in the familiarity of Lynchburg and on what would become a long road to recovery but happy for the weekend escape 🙂


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