Water on the MacBook Pro…

My office is a sea of cubes; much like the images you may have seen in the movie “The Office,” and I have taken the liberty of not dressing up my cube but keeping it plain-Jane, save the Aquafina water bottle and MacBook Pro that accompanies me every morning to work.  Friday started out much the same.  It was my last office day before I packed up and headed to (what has as recently as this morning been) the Great White North.

I headed to the front to say my good-byes, right after I took a huge swig of water.  I set my bottle next to my computer, walked out of my cube and engaged in a couple lively conversations at the front of the office before wandering back to my space to pack up.  As I rounded the cubicle corner, there it was:

On the floor of my cube, nestled in front of my nearly empty water bottle, and a similar sized puddle shimmered next to the trackpad on my Mac.

Nooooooooo!!!!!!!  How did this happen!?!  I immediately started wiping up the puddle on my laptop while frantically looking from left to right imagining the culprit would materialize in a “escaping from the scene of a crime” fashion.

Instead, I was left with an empty water bottle, a freshly washed trackpad and a perplexed look as I pondered the possibility that water had actually seeped into the computer…

Everything looked fine, everything seemed fine, the speakers happily played my recently recorded song and the screen and keys seemed unaffected.  I breathed a sigh of relief, shut her down, and placed her into my carrier.

(Two Hours Later)

Unpacking my laptop to start working on one of my 20-pagers due at the end of this week, I opened it up and the screen came to life…in static.  As I watched the fuzz flash across my screen, my heart sank.  My computer is RUINED!?  What do I do???  I have owned laptops since 2000, and have NEVER spilt liquid on a single one of them, I wasn’t prepared for this!  Instinctively I shut it down, got a blow drier and prayed it would come back to life.

It took a phone call to a tekkie friend, and a few google searches to realize the blow-drier was the wrong approach and all I could do was wait.

Seriously…how did water spontaneously leap from my desk and land on the floor after watering my laptop?  Things that I might never know this side of heaven…


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