Red Light Delay…

So, I have decided to blog while I’m home about the things in Canada I have noticed are different from the US, but are less obvious.  We all know stores are different (Our Kroger is Lawblaws, our Amaco is Petro Canada), but I have noticed some interesting nuances.

Today, driving to visit a friend in Stouffville, I was approaching a red light.  As I came to a stop, the light turned red and I noticed there was a pause before the other cars started moving.  It struck me as odd, because in the US “gun-shy” is not a term I’d use for drivers in intersections.

It was the next set of lights that I realized, there is actually a couple second delay where both lights are red.  That pause is enough to give a “break in the action.”  I started thinking about all the accidents I’ve seen from people flying through red lights at the last second, and the ones I’ve narrowly escaped as I start to turn left and someone plows through their red light.

This delay is enough to ensure that everyone is safely through an intersection, making an accident less likely.

Something unique about Canada from the US, and something I wish the US would consider adopting.  Especially after I started to turn left on a green arrow and an 18-wheeler decided he wasn’t going to stop…

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