Kilometers per hour…

Interesting nuance number two…driving home from my Oma’s old apartment yesterday and was taking a new back road – by the way, can I just add how beautiful the “cottage country” we live on the fringe of here in Ontario is?

Not exactly this, but was pretty close!

As I turned on the road, the speed limit changed to “60.”  I glanced down and was hovering just below 60…

MILES per hour.

That meant I was sailing at a nice 40 kilometers over the speed limit.

Probably one of the things I’ve never adjusted to is the change of measure between countries.  I still think in meters, but have in recent years been able to speak in inches.  Interesting how the metric system is truly a different language once you go south of the border.

Here’s my question – when will the US convert!?!  Customary and Imperialists, time to assimilate to the metric system friends!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Kilometers per hour…

  1. I’m having quite a bit of difficulty with it as well whenever a German asks me a question about almost anything quantifiable. Just about the only conversion I have down is ~dollars->euros. Otherwise I still spit out numbers in the dimensions of inches, feet, miles, degrees Fahrenheit. x_x

    • And THAT was one of the things I LOVED about Europe! I got them!!! My only major hurdle was the language…I can still picture me and my friend Ashley waiting at a train stop for an hour and finally have the German railroad guys yell at us because the train wasn’t going through that weekend. I don’t know how we figured out that was what they were saying…but we did, and walked *miles* to the next station 😉

  2. Certainly, the American scientific community speaks in the metric system, because they recognize that it is worldwide standard. I think the issue in the U.S. is the cost and effort to convert such a large population over to a new standard. I think we’ve likely realized our stubborness, but are stymied at how to make the conversion.

    Then again, in the U.S., it always comes back to cost.

  3. Ahh I have the same problem – Only in reverse.

    I’m an American who has moved to Sydney. I’ve been here 5 years now, and am now finding myself thinking in Metric much more so than Imperial these days.

    But damn if sometimes I still can’t get my head around a metric measurement without converting it to pounds or miles first. Not all of the time, not even most of the time, but in my most blonde moments I just can’t wrap my head around metric without converting it first.

    I do think the U.S. needs to move to Metric, they are about the last nation on Earth that hasn’t, but man it will be painful for them.

    Painful indeed…

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