do you like flowers?

Strolling beach side with Annie and her little girl, I was stopped yesterday afternoon by a Norfolk bum who “broke the ice” with: “Excuse me miss, can I ask you a question?”  The little puppy with us had wandered off and I had been in the midst of looking for him, so I said, “Can you hang on one second?” as I began to backtrack looking for him.  I hear the guy mutter as I walked away, “Oh great, she’s going to call the cops.”  Did he really just say that?

I grabbed the puppy, and came back to where I’d left Annie and baby waiting with the bum.

“I’m sorry, what was your question?” I asked.

“Do you like flowers?” returned the question.


The bum interjected, “You know, daises, roses, tulips, do you like flowers?”

“Sure.” I said, still completely unsure as to where he was going with this.

“Well,” he says, “I was in a field full of beautiful flowers and picked the prettiest one. You!”

I am not sure how you handle moments like this, but my default reaction is to laugh.  Annie had the awkward laugh too as she congratulated, “Yeah Renee!” I thanked the bum for the compliment and we moved on, but I had to smile.  See, I’m wrestling with the fact that an attempt to keep my hair platinum caused chunks of it to break off, not to mention the shortness of my hair has had me regularly confused in both Toronto and now Norfolk for being a lesbian, so though the compliment came from someone who probably says that to every blond that crosses his path it was good to hear 🙂

Any random occurrences this memorial day weekend for you?


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