Open Mic, Musing Sound and the Complete Package…

Hostessing this past Tuesday night’s open mic at Mangia, I took a slot to debut my new song.

When I was in Canada, I heard a friend of mine’s voice echoing through my mind as I picked up the guitar to practice, I started messing with an Ab, Eb and Db chord.  That progression reminded me of a sound I often heard in the streets of Madrid a number of summer’s ago.  And so was born “Goodbye.” I tested that song out in Lynchburg a week ago and was so glad that it was as well received as it felt in my life.  So naturally it became something that I wanted the Muse audience to hear the following Friday.

Now…it has been nearly a month since I had done my piano set live (I wasn’t going to cart my 50+ lb keyboard downtown TO to play a song or two); making it the set that I could REALLY have used the keys clearly pumping through my monitor.  Somehow, they had been displaced, and I could catch it out the speakers at times, but it left me muddling through the first 6 songs.  It bummed me out for a minute, because some of my favorite songs are on the keys; but when I moved to guitar and had the sound crystal clear, I saved the best for last.

After the end of the show, whose final set belonged to the very talented Jacob Russo, I was informed that my “niche” might be Latin stylings…but I’m waiting for my sound to settle, as I’m sure it will do so on its own one day.

I think the comment that stuck with me the most was made by the owner, largely because it is a comment I’ve heard a number of times in the past few months.  The phrase that’s been repeated is, “complete package.”  I’m not sure what comprises such a phrase, but what I do know is, I love sharing my music, my passion and will play as long as I’m given the time to 🙂


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