Prince Charming

There have literally been a hundred things that have happened to me in the past month that I could be blogging about, and none of them would be boring; but tonight after experiencing City Views Rooftop party and observing the “club” culture of local Lynchburg I remembered how challenging it is to find a “Prince Charming.”

Someone who is not dancing with you while looking at the girl dancing next to him.  Someone who isn’t listening to you talk while stealing glances at girls who walk by.  A guy who could have every beautiful girl in the world paraded past him and still all he sees is you.  I would ask if this guy exists, but I grew up with him.

My father only saw the woman in his life.  My mom, until she passed away at 46, and now my step-mom.   Both are beautiful women but (like me) could never hold a candle to the likes of Heidi Klum and yet, my father would never take a second glance at any Victoria Secrets model.

He is a one-woman man.  I just keep thinking there has to be another…my dad can not be the only man who values the woman in his life this way.  What I saw tonight put my dad in a very small minority.

Yet, I hold out.  I know there is someone, one of these days, who is going to fall in love with the idea of making me happy for the rest of his life, and in doing so convince me to fall in love with him as I know I’d happily do the same.  Until then, I refuse to settle for a guy who sees me as “good for the moment,” or “fine for now.”  I’ve dated that guy, way too many times.  I’d rather observe those guys at a distance and continue to dream about the man who was made for me.

I know I’ll find him, one of these days…


2 thoughts on “Prince Charming

  1. This is profound, but do not dream too long, and do what you like. The man who likes you for who you are and not only for how you look will come at you while you do things you enjoy doing. They MUST be men who look at you thinking about other things that “I want to get her”, especially when you do such beautiful things as singing and playing music.

    • Thank you for your post, and I will dream as long as necessary: till my dreams come true! 🙂 No luck in the “male” department yet, but one fine day!

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