It must be something similar to driving 60 mph and having Bambi run out of nowhere, directly in front of your car, and being brought to a dead halt; literally.  A friend recently had that experience driving to Roanoke at 5am.  I have lived in deer-burg for almost 13 years and have, by Gods grace, never hit a deer but this past month I hit a proverbial deer; sucker came out of no where.

I had all these great summer plans in Lynchburg; finish working on music, get ahead in my degree, and generally enjoy some “time off.”  Instead, I came back from my trip back to Canada and found myself moving out of my apartment of 4 years, in the throws of personal turmoil and wondering when the boat was going to stop rocking because I was seasick.

It’s the last day of the month.  I am in a new apartment.  I am back in the swing of things at school.  My situation has settled and I finally turned on my keyboard and plunked a few notes this week…yet, I still feel displaced.  Life doesn’t look the way it did June 1st, and I am not quite “settled” in my new world, but it’s new.  There is a chance for something else to happen, new doors to open, and new opportunities to experience.

Change doesn’t always come in the ways we hoped, dreamed or even wanted; but it always comes.

I am choosing to look at this change as a step in the direction of a future change I have always dreamed about.  We have the choice to let life hold us down, or take life by the reigns and steer it in the direction we would like to go; time will eventually take us there.


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