Ohhh say can you seeeee…

the fireworks from there?  July 4th.  The American Independence Day, celebrated with fireworks, cookouts with friends and family, and a general air of national pride.

My first 4th was sometime in the early 2000’s.  We took off for a firework show in Richmond VA for the night from Lynchburg and I was driving a car that had been borrowed from customers at the Italian Pizzaria I worked at that summer.  Yes, I had returned to America car-less, and had been discussing my plight with the regulars I waited on when they indicated they had a car just sitting around I could use indefinitely.  If I remember correctly, it was a Ford Taurus, born in 1990; but it was four wheels and worked so I was thrilled.

Yup, it was almost identical to this

Memory is a funny thing, because even as I write this, I have no idea ho I got to and from work that summer as I lived a good five minute drive from the restaurant on streets that had no sidewalks.  If anyone I know, who knew me then, can remember how I got around, I would love to fill that memory gap.

Either way, that car was what we took to my first July 4th firework show, and it was the drive back the next day that the temperature gage on my borrowed Ford started steadily climbing.  I was driving alone (I think) and my former roommate (and still good friend) Annie, sacrificed the luxury of the A/C’d car she was driving in, to join me in the Taurus with the heat blasting in an attempt to keep the car cool enough until we finished the 2 hour commute. It was SO hot, that Annie and I rolled the windows down, imagining the 98 degree breeze was somehow cooling and started shedding articles of clothing.  I can still picture that drive home like it was yesterday…

That was my first 4th of July here in America.  I have much earlier memories of July 1st, Canada Day, which is celebrated in much the same manner; just four days earlier.  I always smile that Canada decided nearly a century later to declare independence from England (or rather ask for it), before the US’s already established day.

What’s your first July 4th memory?


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