Sometimes tears come easy…

My lovely friends Red Box’d the movie “UP.”

I was warned before I took the movie from his hands to first: make sure that I return it before the end of the night; second: I would probably cry, no, I would definitely cry.

No sooner had 10 minutes passed in this film but the tears were streaming down my face, completely unnoticed by my sleeping puppy at my side. They keep streaming…he’s only taken off in the balloon house…it gets less sad soon, right?  I was just informed by a friend on FB that alien evil dogs will dry my tears up quick.

I think that is one of the hardest things we’ll have to face as humans: losing someone we love.  Even worse: the love of our life.  I haven’t found that person yet…and sometimes I don’t know that I will…but I do know one of the single most hardest things I’ve done in my 30 some odd years of living is seeing my dad lose the love of his life.  The little jar in the movie that they had collected coins in for a future they never had reminded me of watching my mom and dad’s future dreams dissolve after she fell ill…suddenly I find myself reliving that part of my life as I watched this movie and maybe that’s why tears come so easy sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes tears come easy…

  1. Loss…something with which I’ve become all too familiar of late. We’re temporary residents in a realm that makes us passionate for our future. We long to make our mark, to do what we’re “meant for,” to the point of excluding the today. Ironically, that makes us abbreviate the quality of those who share today with us.

    Here’s to dreams and love!

    • And your comment could not have been more profound over the past two weeks of my life! Cheers to a life lived to its fullest in pursuit of our dreams and of love 🙂

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